Dancer's Checklist

Just for Kicks School of Dance
Competition Dancer Checklist 2015

Ensure you bring Two copies of your music on a cd (music) in case one is misplaced. Your studio representative may not have your music with them

Make an inspection to ensure all the pieces of your costume are included in your dance bag including any head bands, hats, gloves, bows or other accessories that came with your costume. It is also important to ensure that each costume piece has the dancer’s name or initials in it. You are also responsible to ensure all pieces of the costume are collected at the end of the show. The back fitting rooms are often very busy and it is easy to leave things behind

Tights – for many costumes you are required to have beige tights. Please ensure you have checked with the teacher to find out if tights are required

You may want to have a button up shirt that you can put over the costume while putting makeup on or waiting for final results so costumes don’t get damaged or stained before the next competition.

Second skin – many dancers prefer to wear a second skin under their costume making changing easier in the back dressing rooms. Second skins also come with clear straps

Nude/beige colour underwear/bra with clear straps

Dancers should all wear their Just for Kicks jackets when they come to the theatre. Again ensure your name or initials are inside the jacket so you get your own back.

Dancers are not permitted to wear jewellery. Earrings are limited to small gold posts or hoops unless teachers have specified something other. Body tattoos are not permitted. If you have a real tattoo- please cover with foundation.

Makeup and Hair
Please ensure you have your own makeup. It is not sanitary to share make up. 

Please ensure you have the following items:

• Red lipstick. Some teachers may also ask for pink lipstick but they will advise you. Lipstick should be a bright red.

• Blush

• Foundation – often dancers will look washed out on stage if they don’t have foundation on.

• Brown eye shadow or eyeliner or other as required by the teacher

• Fake eyelashes. Most dancers prefer the style no 105 but please ensure they aren’t too long

• Bobby pins

• Clear or black hair elastics

• Bun net for those required to have a bun

• Hair spray and hair gel

• Comb and brush – comb should be the type that can be used for backcombing

• Hair pieces – your teacher will advise if there is a requirement for hair pieces

• Hair curler or straightener as required for the dance.

Dancers should ensure all nail polish and temporary tattoos have been removed prior to arriving at the theatre. You may want to ensure a bottle of nail polish removal is in dance bags as a back up to remove any nail polish that has not been removed prior to arrival.

Dance Shoes
As competition schedule nears some stores sell out of specialized footwear. Please do not leave this too late.

Jazz classes will require either black or beige jazz shoes – your teacher will advise which is required. Please ensure the name of the dancer is in the inside of the shoes so you get the right pair back

Lyrical classes may require foot undies – plain beige unless your teacher has advised otherwise or jazz shoes.

Hip Hop runners as approved by the teacher

Special dance shoes as required by your teacher i.e. Tap

Good Items to Bring
Water is available at most theatres but can be pricey – please ensure dancers have some water to stay hydrated

Healthy Snacks – again often theatres sell food which can be pricey – carrot sticks, apples and other healthy snacks should be packed as dancers can spend several hours waiting for competition results

Money – most competitions charge parents for entry into the theatre (usually $2 - $5) and for a program – ranging from $3 - $8 so you will want to be prepared. Some theatres might not be equipped to handle credit cards for admission.

General Information
Competition schedules often require that children will miss school for periods of the day.

Make sure you don’t leave valuable items out in the open or in the back fitting rooms where they can be taken. People are coming and going and expensive items have gone missing in the past.

Dancers are required to stay until the awards for their category or section. If you have a conflict please speak to your parent rep who may again be able to assist with carpooling so your child can stay. It is important that the class stay as a group for their awards presentation.

All dancers need to be at the theatre a full 1- 2 hours prior to the show to provide enough time to do hair and makeup and allow the dancers to warm up and run through the dance. Dancers should be in costume and ready to dance no later than 1½ hours prior to their posted time.

Parents are a great help to each other. Please don’t feel that you can’t ask another parent to assist when you can’t make a competition date due to work commitments. We know we can work together to help each other and ensure our children and dancers are successful.