Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dance Competition Etiquette

1. Dancers must have all costumes & accessories in order to perform. Dancers who do not have everything they need, will not dance. Together, parent & dancer should do a costume check before leaving home.

2. Dancers arrive at the competition 1 hr & 15 mins prior to scheduled stage performance time.

3. Dancers arrive in costume & make-up .Competitions can run ahead of schedule. Participants are expected to be ready to dance when called regardless of scheduled time. Competition can run overtime. Participants are expected to accommodate.

3. Parents & students are not allowed to approach any competition coordinator, judge, or music technician.

4. No food or drink in the theatre. Dressing area must be kept neat & clean at all times.

5. Audience members will set all electronic devices to silence before entering the auditorium.

6. Audience members will enter & exit the auditorium between numbers. Audience members will not enter & exit the auditorium during a participants performance.

7. Video taping and photography of any kind will result in immediate disqualification of the entire school from the entire competition.

8. Audience members will refrain from talking during numbers.

9. Audience members will applaud all numbers respectfully. Cat calls, name calling and excessive screaming is not allowed.

10. Dancers & parents will be supportive of all participants entered in the event. Dancers and parents will refrain from making negative comments regarding other participants (dancers & studios), medal standings, judges, competition coordinators, etc.

11. Dancers must be present for the awards ceremony. Unless otherwise stated by Just for Kicks Director. If you have a class later that same day, you must go to your class.

12. Dancers will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times, regardless of the outcome, dancers will accept awards pleasantly with graciousness, gratitude and a "Thank You".

13. Before going home, dancers will re-organize costumes & clean up changing area.