Company Program

Company Dance Programs at Just for Kicks School of Dance require a strong commitment, strong technique and full parental support. Company dancers will be expected to attend all company dance classes (usually a minimum of 6 hours per week up to 10 hours for older dancers).

As well, these Company dancers will also be expected to commit to attending ALL COMPETITIONS. Competition season runs from early March to end of June, and dancers are expected to practice at home as well as in designated competition blocks. Commitment is ESSENTIAL to the success of the entire team. People who can not attend regularly, or who do not wish to dance more than a couple of hours a week, need not consider the Company Dance Program.

Instead, we will have fabulous recreational and performance based classes for these students. Most students taking the Company Dance Program will be required to take a minimum of 2 hours of ballet per week as this helps to develop strong technique and body awareness.

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