Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Star Talent Kelowna 2016 Times

Star Talent Kelowna

Friday, April 29th

5:24pm- Casey Teng (Hip Hop)

5:57pm- Casey Teng (Contemp)

6:30pm- Taryn Addison (Contemp)

7:24pm- Cathlene (Stage)

7:35pm- AWARDS

Saturday, April 30th

8:36am- Megan Lutzer (Lyrical)

8:45am- Elizabeth Proulx (Lyrical)

9:15am- Jorgia Petursson (Jazz)

9:39am- Eliazabeth Proulx (Jazz)

9:51am- Megan Lutzer (Jazz)

10:09am- Sr. Jazz (Miss. Mary Anne): He’s a Dream

10:27am- Sr. Jazz (Miss. Regan): Joker and the Thief

11:30am- Sr. Acro: Glory and Gore

11:33am- Inter. Acro: Emergency

11:35am- AWARDS

1:18pm- Carey Teng (Acro)

1:27pm- Cassidy Indyk (Acro)

2:10pm- Mariah Norum (Contemp)

2:40pm- Grace Sabatini (Contemp)

3:47pm- Sr. Tap: Jet Set

4:12pm- Taryn Addison (Stage)

4:24pm- Sr. Stage: Cabaret

4:45pm- AWARDS

7:03pm- Tamia, Elizabeth and Danika

7:24pm- Carey Teng (Lyrical)

7:39pm- Cathlene Proulx (Lyrical)

8:03pm- Lindsay Sydenham (Lyrical)

8:06pm- Casey Teng (Lyrical)

8:12pm- Taryn Addison (Lyrical)

8:39pm- Inter. Jazz (Miss. Regan): Doll House

9:09pm- Emily Kirkpatrick (Tap)

9:20pm- AWARDS 

Sunday, May 1st

1:03pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Acro)

1:15pm- Carey Teng (Jazz)

1:18pm- Mariah Norum (Jazz)

2:04pm- Sr. Contemp: Hour Glass

2:24pm- Jr. Hip Hop: Poison Apples

2:56pm- Sr. Hip Hop: Blackout

5:28pm- Sr. Lyrical: Nothing Else Matters

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Synergy Surrey 2016 Times

Synergy Surrey
(Second Draft)
Feb. 25, 2016.

Tuesday, April 19th

6:00pm- Taryn Addison (Lyrical)

6:03pm- Casey Teng (Lyrical)

6:28pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Lyrical)

8:03pm- Carey Teng (Lyrical)

8:06pm- Cathlene Proulx (Lyrical)

8:42pm- Abby Barron (Lyrical) 

Wednesday, April 20th

10:09am- Tamia, Elizabeth, Danika

10:28am- Jaquelyn Baillie (Jazz)

10:37am- Jorgia Petursson (Jazz)

11:53am- Elizabeth Proulx (Jazz)

12:27pm- Carey Teng (Jazz)

12:30pm- Mariah Norum (Jazz)

5:00pm- Jr/Inter. Lyrical (In Sickness and In Health)

5:25pm- Teen Lyrical (Fame)

7:42pm- Sr. Lyrical (Nothing Else Matters) 

Thursday, April 21st

9:59am- Emily Kirkpatrick (Tap)

12:53pm- Jr. Tap (In The Mood)

2:15pm- Sr. Tap (Jet Set)

3:47pm- Teen Jazz (Elastic Heart)

4:00pm- Jr. Jazz (At the Coppa)

5:31pm- Inter. Jazz (Doll House)

6:10pm- Sr.Jazz Joker and the Thief

7:36pm- Sr.Jazz He’s a Dream

8:50pm- Grace Sabatini (Contemp)

Friday, April 22nd

10:06am- Danika Wager (Stage)

10:51am- Cathlene Proulx (Stage)

11:35am- Taryn Addison (Stage)

12:52pm- Cathlene and Carey (Stage)

1:32pm- Jr. Stage (Freak Flag)

2:18pm- Sr. Stage (Caberet)

3:39pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Acro)

3:42pm-Ella Glade (Acro)

4:03pm- Chaney Norum (Acro)

4:06pm- Carey Teng (Acro)

4:10pm- Cassidy Indyk (Acro)

4:13pm- Isabel Enright (Acro)

4:17pm- Jaquelyn and Ava (Duo)

4:23pm- Karla and Ella (Duo Acro)

4:29pm- Sign, Sealed, Delivered (Acro)

4:46pm- Wednesday Adams (Acro)

5:31pm- Emergency (Acro)

5:41pm- Glory (Sr. Acro)

7:51pm-Taryn Addison (Contemp)

7:57pm-Casey Teng (Contemp) 

Saturday, April 23rd

10:12am- Marina Trinkett

2:58pm- Casey Teng (HipHop)

4:42pm- Jr. Hip Hop (Poison Apples)

7:12pm- Sr. Hip Hop (Black Out) 

Sunday, April 24th

9:34am- Mariah Norum (Contemp)

9:52am- Demi and Olivia

11:33am- Sr. Contemp (The Mourning)

1:22pm- Casey Teng (Self-choreo)

2:02pm- Adult Tap (Get Up)

Synergy Victoria 2016 Times

Synergy Victoria 
Mary Winspear Theatre
Updated March 28. 2016.

Thursday, April 7

2:27- Casey Teng (Contemp)

2:37pm- Taryn Addison (Contemp)

4:02pm- Sr. Contemporary: The Mourning

5:27pm- Inter. Jazz: Doll House

5:57pm-Sr.A Jazz: He’s A Dream

6:55pm- Sr. B Jazz: Joker & The Thief 

Friday, April 8

10:45am- Mariah Norum (Contemp)

10:48am- Grace Sabatini (Contemp)

12:15am- Jorgia Petursson (Jazz)

12:24pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Jazz)

1:15pm-Megan Lutzer (Jazz)

1:48pm- Mariah Norum (Jazz)

1:51pm- Carey Teng (Jazz)

5:40pm- Taryn Addison (Stage)

6:49pm- Cathlene Proulx (Stage)

725pm- Cathlene and Carey (Stage)

7:56pm- Jr. Stage:Freak Flag

8:31pm-Sr. Stage: Caberet

Saturday, April 9

10:13am- Demi and Olivia

11:51am Casey Teng (Lyrical)

12:00pm- Taryn Addison (Lyrical)

12:36pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Lyrical)

1:23pm- Carey Teng (Lyrical)

1:26: Cathlene Proulx (Lyrical)

2:14pm- Elizabeth, Tamia & Danika

2:36pm- Inter/Jr Lyrical (In Sickness and In Health)

3:21 Nothing Else Matters (Sr. Lyrical)

3:52pm- Casey Teng (Hip Hop)

4:29pm- Jr. Hip Hop (Poison Apples)

5:44pm- Sr. Hip Hop (Black Out)

Sunday, April 10

10:51am- Emily Kirkpatrick

11:23am- Jr. Tap: In The Mood

12:57pm- Sr. Tap: Jet Set

1:41-Ella Glade: Acro

1:47pm- Elizabeth Proulx (Acro)

1:50pm- Chaney Norum (Acro)

1:53pm- Carey Teng (Acro)

1:57pm- Cassidy Indyk (Acro)

2:06pm- Inter. Acro: Emergency

2:18pm- Sr. Acro: Glory & Gore

2:43pm-Casey Teng: Student Choreo

Peak Invitational 2016 Times

MARCH 5-12

Sat March 5

11.36 am Level 1 Acrobatics Duo/Trio Jaquelyn and Ava

5:10pm Level 1 Acrobatics Duo/Trio Karla and Ella

11.54 am Level 1 Jazz Solo Jaquelyn Baillie

12.23 pm Level 1 Acrobatics Groups Signed, Sealed, Delivered

2.00 pm Awards

4.24 pm Level 2 Acrobatics Groups Wednesday Adams

5-5.20 pm Awards

5.20 pm Level 1 High Score Awards

Sun March 6

6.31 pm Level 2 Jazz Solo Jorgia Petursson

8.40 pm Awards

Mon March 7

4.02 pm Level 3 Acrobatics Solo Isabel Enright 

5.25 pm Awards

5.25 pm Level 2 High Score Awards

9:20am Level 2 Acro Solo Ella Glade

7.32 pm Level 3 Jazz Groups He's a Dream

7.57 pm Level 3 Jazz Groups Joker and The Thief

8.30 pm Awards

Tues March 8

9.24 am Level 3 Contemporary Solo Grace Sabatini

10.30 am Level 3 Lyrical Solo Elizabeth Proulx

10.54 am Level 3 Tap Solo Emily Kirkpatrick

11.30 am Awards

1.20 pm Level 3 Acrobatics Groups Emergency

2.25 pm Awards

6.37 pm Level 3 Acrobatics Solo Elizabeth Proulx

7.53 pm Level 3 Variety Stage Groups Cabaret

8.30 pm Awards

Wed March 9.

9.36 am Level 3 Jazz Solo Elizabeth Proulx

11.09 am Level 4 Acrobatics Solo Carey Teng

11.12 am Level 4 Acrobatics Solo Chaney Norum

11.15 am Level 4 Acrobatics Solo Cassidy Indyk

11.30 am Awards

12.43 pm Level 4 Contemporary Solo Mariah Norum 14

2.30 pm Awards

Wed March 9: 5.30 pm Level 3 High Score Awards

Thur March 10.

12.26 pm Level 4 Lyrical Solo Carey Teng

2.40 pm Awards

3.23 pm Level 4 Lyrical Solo Cathlene Proulx

15 1 Regan Calicetto

3.58 pm Level 5 Contemporary Solo Taryn Addison

5.30 pm Awards

6.26 pm Level 5 Lyrical Solo Taryn Addison

8.30 pm Awards

Fri March 11

9.50 am Level 5 Lyrical Solo Casey Teng

11.03 am Level 5 Student Choreography Solo Casey Teng

11.30 am Awards

12.44 pm Level 4 Variety Stage Solo Cathlene Proulx

1.46 pm Level 4 Street Groups Blackout

2.30 pm Awards

3.41 pm Level 4 Lyrical Groups Nothing Else Matters

4.31 pm Level 4 Contemporary Groups The Mourning

4.57 pm Level 5 Variety Stage Solo Taryn Addison

5.30 pm Awards

6.52 pm Level 5 Street Solo Casey Teng

9.00 pm Awards

Sat March 12

9.00 am Level 4 Jazz Solo Carey Teng

9.03 am Level 4 Jazz Solo Mariah Norum

9.25 am Level 5 Contemporary Solo Casey Teng

9.54 am Level 4 Acrobatics Groups Glory and Gore

11.30 am Awards

2.30 pm Level 4 and 5 High Score Awards

3.30 pm The Ultimate Peak Challenge!!

Friday, October 2, 2015



When: Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 9:30-10:15am and 10:15-11:00am

For who: Age 2.5+

Starting Tuesday, October 15, 2015, your child can start this fun filled class with their tutu and tiara on and finish the class with wacky rolls and flips! This 8 week class will provide your child with music, motor skills, and fun activities to keep them movin’ and groovin’!

Cost: $75

Email or call the studio for more information: 604 596-4161.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Surrey Children's Festival, 2015

Great job everyone performing at the 
Surrey Children's Festival - Community Spirit Stage -
Just for Kicks School of Dance

Star Talent, Kelowna, 2015

Kelowna Judges Choice Awards!
$500.00 to "I Am Strong"
$500.00 to "Killin It"
Congrates to Just for Kicks and all the other fantastic studio's who participated in such a great event!
Star Talent, Kelowna, 2015